Career Inner Circle

What does your Career Inner circle look like?

It takes a new level of career adulting to realize and tell yourself that:

“I love my community and the circle that I have right now is really great, BUT they may not be able to fully help me the way I need in the next season of my life. I need new friends .”

We are a sum total of the community we find ourselves in and if your community is not really serving you what you need for your career growth, it’s ok to form another community that serves that purpose, while keeping the old ones for the purpose they serve.

It takes effort to groom your community and we need to consciously choose who is in our inner circle.

  • Actively seek out people that may be valuable and mutually beneficial to your career growth,
  • Ask if you can share with then
  • Ask if they will not mind you being accountable to them

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